About Me

Come in and learn more about me and where I work.

About Me

Hi I'm Vix, an artist and printmaker working from my attic studio in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire. My work is inspired by my experiences and connections with the nature, wildlife, landscapes and the environment around me. When I'm not creating in my studio I enjoy being outdoors, whether that's taking a woodland walk, or getting to the coast for a swim in the sea.


My wild wanderings wouldn't be complete without my furry sidekick, a dachshund by the name of Archie.

My Studio

Where the magic happens. Although compact, this room has lots of light and amazing views over the valley.

My Studio View

I love this view. It's different every day and the skyscape changes with the seasons. I get to watch the swifts, swallows and house martins hunt insects in the summer months.

One of the many tree-lined snickets that I walk up. Even in winter the colours are inspiring.

I love being immersed in the woodlands here. I'm rarely without inspiration and calmness when I've been walking through them.